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I took an adult class for several months and I loved learning to swim here! All the coaches are incredibly nice and very knowledgeable. My confidence has grown exponentially and I have them to thank for that. My work schedule was tricky the entire time I was taking lessons and they were always willing to provide me with solutions so that I could still make it to each class. Communication was always easy and every coach I worked with was super friendly, and explained all the techniques very well. Thank you guys so much! I still have work to do on my stroke, but I'm way more confident now!

Madalina Anton (March 2016)

My two children have been taking lessons at SWAP for a few years. My little guy started with Coach Lowell at age 22 months and was floating within weeks. I have nothing but the uttmost respect and admiration for this swim program. My kids love their lessons and their coaches. After taking two years of lessons at the YMCA, my daughter (5) was still afraid to put her face in the water and is now a little fish thanks to Coach Austin. All the instructors are incredibly patient but challenge the kids. I can't say enough great things about the program, the coaches and the results!!

Miriam T. (October 2015)

My 7yo daughter has been taking lessons with SWAP for a couple of years, and we're extremely happy with the experience. She's learned to swim, improved/honed all 4 strokes, and had lots of fun along the way. We've worked with a few different coaches, and they were all awesome. Becoming a strong swimmer has already impacted her life at a very young age, allowing her to comfortably and confidently enjoy activities like swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and even a recent kid triathlon. I absolutely recommend (and have already recommended to others who are equally happy) SWAP without reservation.

Jeremy J. (September 2015)

Like many of you, we wanted our children to swim for safety, if not for exercise and fun. However, at the end of two years of weekly hour long lessons with another company, neither child was able go into the pool without a floatation device. My then 5 year old daughter could not use the pool at Girl Scout camp because she could not complete the swim challenge. On her very first lesson with Coach Nate she truly began to swim and has not used a floatation device since. My then 3 year old son completed the four day swim course and was swimming half a length of the pool and pulling himself up to the pool deck by day three. I didn't even bother with another company for my youngest. She enrolled in Swimming Foundations Preschool semi-private lessons and by class three she was completely submerged, swimming to the pool's edge and beginning to learn how to float on her back, kick to turn over, and swim to the edge. I tell everyone who asks that SWAP instruction is the only way to go. I feel sad that I didn't find them sooner especially since my children now enjoy the pool AND are safe when they are in it. We have not had a coach disappoint us yet and with their training methods, I don't see how they could. SWAP is an Atlanta GEM.

Kaprice Thomas (May 2015)

My six year old daughter Leonie took swim lessons for the first time with coach Shawn. My husband and I are thrilled at the outcome. My child hated to take showers because of the fear of water she had, well after a summer with coach Shawn my daughter is a swimmer and loves showers! My husband and I want to thank coach Shawn for her patience and teaching our daughter a valuable life skill!

Melissa (August 2014)

How would I describe S.W.A.P. in two words?...Life Changing!

As an adult beginner, saddled with judgment and striving for perfectionism grin, I found the process of learning to swim to be very challenging at first, and I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to continue.

Then it became clear to me that the coaches at S.W.A.P. aren’t there to just show you how to move through the water, they also help you to overcome one of your biggest roadblocks to building skill…your own mind.

Even if you don’t believe you can do it, they do! During the lessons, I was encouraged to relax and to remember that I already have everything that I need in that moment to succeed, including the strength to keep my arms and legs moving and enough air to get to the next stroke.

With that in mind, one stroke became a few, and before I knew it, I had actually completed a full lap! That kind of perseverance in the pool will of course lead to an awesome workout, but can also be a great reminder of our ability to stay strong, yet calm in other areas of life.

With the patient, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic team at S.W.A.P., I’ve been able to keep to my New Year’s resolution of having more balance and less stress in life along with a great foundation for swimming.

I look forward to many more laps, building my endurance and speed, eventually “becoming one with the water” as Coach Nate says. So if you have an interest in learning to swim or desire to improve your current skills, I highly recommend doing so through S.W.A.P.!

C.J. Williams (April 2014)

My 4 year-old son and 6 year-old daughter were not keen on taking swim lessons. In fact, my daughter had previously attempted lessons at a local pool, got too worked up midway through, and never completed the course. Since then, our time at the pool has been suited up with life jackets, climbing in and out of the shallow end of the pool for as long as I could bear it (which was not very long). After only 4 days with Liz and Nate, my kids have embraced the idea of learning to swim and are showing real improvement. I'm thankful we found Swim With A Purpose and eager to continue with the program.

Denise Henderson (February 2014)

I can't say enough good things about Sydney at Swim with a purpose and we are only on day 3. Sydney has been amazing and my daughter Emerson really likes her. We started off crying and screaming the first 2 days and today (the 3rd day) my 41/2 year old swam to the side of the pool by herself over and over again. It was so exciting and my daughter was beaming after class. Sydney is so patient and sweet with Emerson, which helped Emerson trust her and warm up easily to her. Fantastic company!!!

Cari DeHass (June 2013)

My son took swim lessons from another source in Atlanta starting at age 6 months consistently until he was 3 years old.  At the end of his time with that outfit he was not able to go underwater without crying, and could not swim in any way shape or form.  My husband and I questioned if our son was actually learning anything and then made the decision to stop his lessons.  After a 6 month break he began swim lessons with Coach Nate and in the first two minutes of his first lesson he was going underwater for three seconds with no crying.  By the end his Swimming 101 lessons he was able to jump into the pool, turn around, kick to the wall, and pull himself out of the water.  By his sixth lesson he was beginning to swim freestyle.  At this point, he loves to go underwater and look around.  I have actually watched him stay underwater for 10 seconds.  Every morning when my son wakes up, each day when I pick him up from school, and every night before bed he asks if it is a swim day or if tomorrow is a swim day. He absolutely loves to swim and we could not be prouder.  The philosophy and approach of Swim With A Purpose is excellent and produces outstanding results.

Jennifer Thomas (April 2013)

I, too, have to rave about the Swim School lessons. My son just completed his four-day program and the expereince was incredible. We had spent quite a bit of money in the past on group lessons that are often recommended on this listserve, only to see my son's fear of water actually increase. After four days with Coach Mike, my son can now jump in the water, turn around, and kick back to the wall himself. His confidence and ability in the water has increased substantially. Coach Mike was so patient with and effective at establishing a trusting relationship with my sometimes "slow to warm" son. We plan to continue with the lessons.

One other plus about the Swim School is that lessons are offered from 8am - 8pm, which is more conducive to my work and my son's school schedule than some of the other survival swim programs in the area.

Emily (Mom to Soren - 3; Baby Boy #2 due in a week) (June 2011)

I have Jack enrolled with Coach Nate. I met him at the pool while I was trying to show Jack how to swim a few months ago and thought he was awesome. We aren't doing the 4 day program since Jack had some water experience but I can say after his 2nd lesson he can jump in and turn around and get back to the wall. We still have 4 more lessons. I will say at his first lesson he cried, A LOT. (I am not sure why he freaked out so bad about putting his face in the water since he had done it before, but he did and that first lesson was one of the worst 30 min of my life). I wasn't sure if I could go back, but we practiced in between practices and yesterday was awesome. He had fun. I am AMAZED at the progress. Now, he didn't have a fear of the water, so I am sure that has helped. We initially did 2 rounds of the group lessons at the Y and they were ok as far as getting acclimated to the water, but if you want your child to know how to swim, Coach Mike and Nate are the way to go. Ther was a 5-6 yr old girl there yesterday who was on her 4th day. Her mom said she was scared to put her face in the water on Monday and yesterday she was swimming with her arms. Simply amazing. The lessons are intense in that they do the same thing over and over (on the first day Jack had to put his face in the water a million times) but it seems to pay off. They don't use floats of any kind. Coach Nate was so patient with Jack when he was screaming the first day. Just my experience.

Melissa (June 2011)

I just had to rave about the amazing experience I have had with coaches Nate and Mike - these guys are absolutely awesome! My almost 5-year old daughter has been seeing coach Nate for a couple of months now and I can't say enough great things about him and how he has helped her blossom into a comfident, independent swimmer! She absolutely loves going and is so proud of herself.

My youngest, Ansley, is just shy of 2 1/2 and has NO FEAR of water! She will not wear a flotation device of any kind and is basically part fish so always wants to be in the water. She loves being in the water but obviously doesn't understand how dangerous it can be. So, when Coach Nate and Mike approached me with a new type of lesson they are offering for little ones (or really any child over 18 months that has no or very little swim experience), I was definitely interested! For four consecutive days of 30-minute lessons, Mike had Ansley in the water and you won't believe it until you see it - she was swimming with absolutely no flotation device! I won't say there weren't a lot of tears, but I think of the alternative and it was absolutely worth it! Mike and Nate's level of patience and care for my girls has been just what I hoped their first real experience learning to swim would be! I can't say enough good things about these guys and would highly recommend them.

Leslie Cortright (May 2011)

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