Swimming 101

Swimming 101 Water-Immersion and Survival Course

Cost: $150 ($37.50 per lesson)

Duration: 1 week (usually M-Th, or 4 consecutive days of 25-minute sessions)

Pre-requisites: Swimming 100 or basic water acclimation skills (found here)


4 basic survival skills 

Foundational swimming skills for water safety

Coaches’ Perspective:

Your child must attend all 4 days.  Each day is focused on teaching a different skill, and by the end of 4 days, students should successfully put their faces in the water and kick to wall on their own.

Swimming 101 is a water immersion and survival course.  This class is for swimmers who, if placed in the water 10 feet away from the wall, would not be able to swim to the wall by themselves.  This course teaches four basic survival skills and foundational swimming skills, which aid in helping your child to become water safe.  Beginner swimmers are only required to take this course once.  Regardless of your child's progress through the course, you will automatically matriculate into our Private Lessons.




1ST CHILD One time fee of $150 
2ND CHILD One time fee of $150
3RD CHILD One time fee of $150

*99% of the swimmers who take Swimming 101 move on to private lessons. If you choose to enroll, you will be pro-rated the remainder of the month.

ex.  4 weeks in a month.  If you take Swimming 101 in week 2 of the month and you enroll for private lessons after, you will be prorated for the 2 weeks left in that month.

*Refunds are issued on the first business day of the month. Please review our Refund Policy.

Please Note: It is at the discretion of your credit card company as to how long it takes to process your credit. As a general rule, it can take 2 to 10 business days to receive your credit.

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