SWAP BASICS - Basics of Freestyle and Backstroke

Cost: $100

Class size: 2:1

Duration: 1 lesson a week for 25 minutes

Average Age: 3- 5 years of age.

Course Objective:

1.Assisted Free/Back

2.Body rolls

3.Side Glide

4.Unassisted free/back (10 ft)


6.Unassisted freestyle w/ assisted breathing

Coaches’ Perspective:

This course is for our beginner swimmers who are ready to start using their arms while swimming. Swimming strokes requires stamina, muscle coordination, strength and practice. 

The coaches will provide homework at the end of each lesson. We will give you a couple of key exercises to work on throughout the course that will help your swimmer learn. These are exercises that can be done in the car, in the tub or just sitting at the dinner table.

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