Choosing The Right Class

Selecting and Registering for the Correct Course

While we try our best to explain in our course descriptions which class is most appropriate for you and/or you child, we do realize that it still may be confusing.  We want to make sure that your child is in the course that best fits their skill level.  Swimming is a lifelong sport.  Your child will have plenty of time to improve, so, please be realistic with your child’s ability level. We also would like to make it clear that we work with ALL children.  We are proud of our legacy of working with children and adults with special needs.  All are welcome.  Because the overwhelming majority of our lessons are private, we can design a learning plan for any and all swimmers.

Hopefully we can help you select the correct course:

You should register your child for Swimming 100 if:

Your swimmer is between 18 months and 36 months and has never been underwater and cannot float, doggie paddle, swim freestyle, or kick on their stomach with their arms extended out in front of them (streamline), and may not take instruction because language limitations due to to maturity (child is too young to effective communicate and receive instructions verbally) then he/she should take Swimming 100.

Swimming 100 is a a six day course that will be completed in 2 weeks.  Swimmers are allowed to repeat the course as many times as the coach and parent feel necessary.

You should register your child for Swimming 101 if:

Your swimmer is 30 months (2.5 years old) and older and possesses effective verbal communication skills and can understand instruction, but cannot hold their breath, and cannot swim to the wall unassisted if they were placed in the water 10 feet way.  Your child my have been able to complete this task by the end of the summer but, if your child has not been in the water since last summer, then it is strongly recommended that you register for the Swimming 101 course. SWIMMERS ONLY NEED TO TAKE THIS COURSE ONE TIME.

You should register your child for Beginner/Intermediate Group Class if:

Your swimmer is 30 months and older possesses the effective verbal communication skill and can understand instruction, is able to hold their breath, and can kick to the wall unassisted.  IF YOUR SWIMMER CANNOT COMPLETE PERFORM THESE TASKS, PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER FOR 102. Swimmers may take repeat this course.  There is no limit to the times that this course can be taken.  Please review the course description. Swimmers can matriculate into another course once they swim at least 20 yards/meters while performing:1) freestyle arm strokes, 2) flutter kick and, 3) Rotary breathing.

Swimming Backstroke, Swimming Butterfly, and Swimming Breaststroke are self explanatory based on the course descriptions.  Swimmers must be able to perform each before graduating into the next class.  You may register for Swimming 103 or higher for your first stroke if you can complete all of the tasks required for matriculation in the prerequisite courses.  In other words, if your swimmer cannot swim freestyle (Swimming 102), do not register for Swimming 103, 104, or 105.

You should register your child for the Advanced Group Lesson class if:

Your swimmer has matriculated out of or can effectively perform the tasks in Beginner and Intermediate Group Lessons. Or if you have been taking private lessons and your swim coach recommends this class for you. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS IF YOUR CHILD CANNOT SWIM FREESTYLE AND BACKSTROKE.  If you are unsure please give us a call first and we can help with the assessment.

You or your child should register for the Competitive Swimming Coaching Clinics if:

You are a competitive swimmer, triathlete, master’s swimmer who is looking to improve your stroke technique for all of your strokes.  In other words, if you are preparing for a competition (e.g.triathlon, masters swim meet, USA swim meet for year round swimmer) or are already competing the private coaching session is the class that you need to register for.  This class is for swimmers who already know how to swim.

You should register for the Adult Course if:

You are an adult who needs to learn how to swim or cannot remember how to swim because you have been out of the water for that long.  This class is for individuals ages 18 and older.

You should register for the Video Analysis Session if:

You are preparing for a competition (e.g.triathlon, masters swim meet, USA swim meet for year round swimmer) or are already competing and would like a more detailed video analysis of your stroke.  We will prepare a 5 to 7 minute video that will highlight inefficiencies in your stroke and highly detailed provide technical stroke advice.